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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

How to Hack Facebook Account Password Easily | Facebook Phishing

Recently some of my readers and my audience asked me “How to Hack Facebook Account?” Well not only my loyal readers ask this, but about 70% people are searching it and want to try hack Facebook accounts of their relatives, friends, enemies etc.

However there are many hacking ways to hack facebook accounts and facebook password.

Like the one I posted few weeks ago: How to Hack Facebook: The Trick is Social Engineering

The trick I posted to hack facebook account easily has a limitation. I mean it worked not for everyone. Many of my readers stuck in the trick.

But Facebook Phishing Trick which I am about to show and mention in the post will work for all if they try it properly and anyone can easily hack facebook account and facebook account password with Facebook Phishing.

What is Facebook Phishing?

I don’t describe it in a professional way. Simply, Phishing means a clone or duplicate design of something/some website. So, basically Facebook Phishing is the clone of Facebook official page. Same as you can say G-Mail Phishing is the clone page of G-Mail official website.

As we all know Facebook is earning as well as spending bunch of money for its security. So, it is not easy to hack a facebook account easily. But I would like to tell you that Facebook Phishing is the most chosen and working trick to hack a facebook account password easily.

Facebook Hack Phishing

NOTE: Only Facebook account password is hacked with Facebook Phishing, not the whole account.

Now, let’s move on to the trick that how it works and how to use Facebook Phishing to hack facebook account password easily.

How to Hack Facebook Account Password with Facebook Phishing?

Here I will describe step to step guide how to use Facebook Phishing to hack facebook account password easily without any confusion and wasting time.
1. Firstly you need Facebook Phishing files which you can create manually but I will provide it free for you. Download Facebook Phishing files from below. (It is just a file type of Facebook clone page not any kind of software or scam file and only 4.3 KB in size).

NOTE: There are two files one for the Facebook Phish (clone page) and other to hack the password of your victim.

2. Now you need an online hosting provider company to own a free hosting space. If you own a website on any hosting company then its perfect otherwise don’t worry. Here is the list below you can choose one free hosting site where you can sign-up with no cost and own a free hosting site:

There you have to upload the Facebook phishing files (you downloaded from the first step) to the file manager menu in your free hosting site account (after creating account).

3. Now, if you have followed above two steps then you are done the 90% of all the work and really near to hack a facebook account password easily of your friends, relatives or your enemies.

Now, all is to done now is to send your Phishing link to the victim whose account you want to hack.

Facebook Account Hack

Where to get your Facebook Phishing Link?

Confused of the link? You will get it when you make a free hosting site and upload it to the file manager. It would be something like this: -phishing-page.html

You have to send this link to your victim and let him/her to click and enter his/her log-in credentials.

Where & How to Send Links to Hack Facebook Account Password?

Many people stuck in the part that to make victims to log-in to links so that their password of facebook account will be hacked. So, I will recommend you to use your best trick to make them log-in. You can send the links in various types and on various platforms like:

  • In Facebook Private Messages
  • In G-Mail accounts
  • In primary accounts
  • Through SMS

You can choose your best technique to make them login to the link. Once they login to your link, you can easily track the password of your victim.

Where to Hack Facebook Account Password?

After uploading both files to your file manger of your hosting site, there you will get a passes.txt file in the file manager. Open that file and there you will find if the victim has log-in yet or not.

If the victim logged in already to your facebook phishing link then you can find his/her username and password in passes.txt file.

If you do not find any such information then it means the victim haven’t even logged-in to your Facebook Phishing link.

So , it is upon your mind as well as your luck. But it is the most used and working trick to Hack Facebook account password easily.

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